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About UseJoy

UseJoy is a content marketing cloud created to help online media organizations. 

UseJoy is powered by the technology of machine learning and applies content semantic analysis and users' actions to understand their interests and what they usually read on websites. We use this information to deliver personified content recommendations via email or right on the website. This helps each visitor get a unique user experience.


Personalize the reading experience

Let the content deliver itself

Streamline your revenue growth

Personalize the reading experience

Personalize the reading experience

With the use of advanced machine learning technology and semantic content analysis, you can personalize and enhance your users' experience like never before. Your readers will receive news and recommendations which will be based on their individual interests. This tailor-made and exceptional reading experience will help you to increase and draw your audience.

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Personalization of the audience

The audience experience personalization is not a feature now, it is a primary function of the organization's marketing practice. Our new engine of content recommendation and personalization was designed especially for content-focused organizations and news companies to provide more relevant content to each user of their target audience.

E-mail marketing automation

Sometimes users change their behavior which requires a more intensified approach to behavior management and analysis. This means that marketing automation is a leading power to engage and retain your target audience. Nowadays, the market offers a range of products created with the intention to meet marketers' needs. But UseJoy aims at satisfying the needs of the news media industry with the help of a fully automated content delivery workflow.

A foundation of loyal audience

The foundation of any media organization growth is a loyal audience. Subscribers are the interested parties of the target audience. But if you want to turn your subscribers into a more important part of the main audience, you should take into account that there has to be a high conversion rate from new users to subscribers and that the quality of this database has to be rather high. This is where UseJoy can come in handy. 

Intelligent advertising

Advertising is a key in income growth for more than 95% of media organizations all over the world. Whilst the display advertising is practically unnoticed to the audience and video advertising need to establish itself, a great number of buying platforms strive to accommodate advertisements immediately, with a supposed 75% of all ad income by 2020. UseJoy supplements this trend with a new way of audience targeting which is based on a profound understanding of users' personal interests.

UseJoy's features have no limits!

Enjoy the advantages of unlimited features which UseJoy has to offer you.


Content recommendations

- Most popular content;- Ordered by editorial team;- Recently published articles;- Personally recommended stories.

E-mail marketing automation

- Dynamic e-mail assembling;- Automated content selection;- Delivery time personalization;- Mailing list quality assurance.

Mailing list growth

- Embedded forms;- Pop-up forms;- Database API sync;- Anchored widgets.

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Dynamic advertising

- Device targeting;- Geo-targeting;- Contextual targeting;- Real-time recommendations.


Main City Bank boosted audience engagement using UseJoy

UseJoy helped the city bank attract more audience and offered a flexible way of sending automated e-mail campaigns which are based on various triggers to the users.

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National Press Group automated over 80 e-mail campaigns using UseJoy

UseJoy assisted in the automation and optimization of the e-mail campaigns for National Press Group along with providing the enhanced email campaign performance and the highest level of audience interaction.

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"Many thanks to UseJoy and highly professional and enthusiastic team! They offer a great product and ensure exceptional customer service to help use their product in fullest. They always explain everything in details to meet clients' needs."

Katherine Stone

Customer Engagement Lead at ABT Group

"The main aim in the re-branding strategy of our newspaper was reading experience personalization. We used UseJoy's product and the result was just fantastic. The traffic of the site has been increased by 300%."

Anna Pool

Digital Brands Manager at Nation Media Group

"I just want to note that it was a great pleasure to work with UseJoy. The staff is really professional. They can deal with any issue a customer may come across. Highly recommend UseJoy!"

Elizabeth Smith

Paid Content Development Specialist at The Press Group

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